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How You Can Support St. Joseph's Elder Services

St. Joseph’s Elder Services Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 1995 to support St. Joseph’s mission. A volunteer Board of Directors sees to it that donations are well managed and used effectively for the benefit of St. Joseph’s Elder Services' residents. You can partner with our Foundation by supporting our Annual Appeal, through Memorial donations, or planned giving through your estate planning.  

Why Donate?

Donating to the St. Joseph's Elder Services Foundation enriches the lives of your elderly neighbors who call St. Joseph's Retirement Community and St. Joseph's Hillside Villa "home."  This is an especially meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one or friend.  Each gift, no matter the amount, helps St. Joseph's provide compassionate care, housing and services to the elderly.

How To Donate?

The most common way to donate is by a check written to the St. Joseph's Elder Services Foundation.  However, planned gifts through estate planning, gifts in kind of stocks, stock dividends, real estate, livestock, commodities, etc. also are welcome donations to the Foundation.  As always, it is best to check with your own tax preparer in order to maximize your financial and tax advantages.  

We have been blessed with many generous supporters over the years. To recognize their charitable efforts, recognition boards are located at St. Joseph’s Retirement Community.  A recognition board is also located at St. Joseph’s Hillside Villa.  For more information on how you can support the efforts of St. Joseph’s Elder Services and join our other donors on our recognition boards, please contact Sam Prokopec or Melissa Haase at 402-372-6706 or by email at 

St. Joseph's Elder Services Foundation Board

Shea Stokely, West Point, President
Kylie Kai, West Point, Vice President
Ryan Steffensmeier, West Point, Treasurer
Brenda Martin, Beemer, Secretary
Jim Falk, West Point
Chris Strehle, West Point
Ginger Hunke, Snyder
Terry Ramig, West Point
Lindsay Eisenmenger, West Point
Makenna Weborg, Beemer
Sr. Louise Hembrecht, Assistant Director of Mission
Carole Stofferahn, West Point
Ben Borgmann, Beemer
Tyler Toline, Franciscan Healthcare President/CEO
Sam Prokopec, St. Joseph's Elder Services Admnistrator
Melissa Haase, Development Director